About “The Propheteer”

On January 20, 2009, George Walker Bush climbed the White House fence, and looking westward with joy, beheld his chopper coming with the mist. But as he descended the lawn toward the helipad, unease came upon him, and he thought, “How shall I go in self-righteousness and without subpoenas?” At that moment, Bush decided he would not leave without justifying himself first.

As George appears before his fawning cronies, he muses over an array of moral topics related to the Bush Administration through a lens of pompous greed, violence, and corruption. With a voice of unconfirmed wisdom, George speaks on love (“Only when the love of yourself allows you to trample others without regret have you found the sacred path hidden among many”), oil (“Truly oil has fed the tasteless dreams of an era while never quenching them”), and finally self-knowledge, when he clears his throat and says, “Um,” cueing everyone in the crowd to take a bathroom break.

In this laugh-out-loud reimagining of events occurring before Bush made his final exit from the White House, a Propheteer is finally provided the opportunity to leave a tiny flame of his spirit behind.

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